Local government services that meet citizen expectations, with transparency and accountability

I believe in small effective government, but large enough with a high level of competency to administer and ENFORCE existing Ordinances and Laws, and responds promptly to legitimate citizen demands.   The current situation is difficult to defend, given the uneven application of our codes. I will urge increased transparency and accountability.

This could help establish a new and more efficient culture within all our City Departments. The City Manager position must be filled to reign in City Staff to work in concert with citizen concerns as pointed out in the recent CCCA survey. This can only be achieved with a collaborative City Council that represents all citizens to resolve issues quickly and effectively govern with a City Manager.   The new City Manager must work in concert with city staff and citizens to resolve issues quickly and effectively. Hiring a professional, experienced City Manager should be our Number One Priority.


Fiscal responsibility with a defined return on investment for all citizens.

All my professional roles in healthcare served to provide customers with the solutions they needed to provide patient safety, optimal procedural outcomes with a proven Return on Investment (ROI).  An ROI can be stated in hard dollar savings and soft cost savings such increased efficiencies, eliminate redundancies, streamline processes and create processes where there were none before.  This is how I look at spending tax payor dollars.  Getting a defined return on investment with milestones and deadlines that citizens can see in tangible results for all spending.


Best practices to protect and maintain our barrier island home, including greenspace and wildlife.

Density/Intensity is of critical concern.  Our Island is near build-out, and the loss of vacant lots loses habitat for indigenous wildlife like our famous burrowing owls and gopher tortoises. We need to save greenspace where we can, and invest in greenspace to support local wildlife.  Collier Conservation has set aside budget dollars to purchase environmentally sensitive lands, I would suggest we ask the county to help acquire some vacant lots to help sustain our wildlife.


Review of our Comprehensive Plan to ensure that we have the kind of Island life we want.

The Comprehensive Development Plan is in dire need of revision which is nearly 5 years past due and should focus on density/intensity as was done when the citizens made clear with their NO to the 2016  Veteran’s Park Hotel Proposal.  Building height needs to be addressed which requires the Comprehensive Development Plan and the Land Development Code to be scrubbed with current language, the last update was in December 2009, and look what has happened since then!  Do Marco citizens want the look Ft. Lauderdale without the land to support such density?  I don’t believe they do, I certainly don’t.  I’m in favor of responsible land development consistent when the Planning Board updates our Comprehensive Development Cope and Land Development code with a vision of land use that is in keeping with our small island heritage and small island feel.


Respect for our Citizen Advisory Committees.

The City Council has created 7 Advisory Committees that meet monthly to focus on the respective Committee responsibilities, and when needed, Ad Hoc Committees are created such as the Parking Committee.  Each City Councilor appoints one member to each Committee.  These are volunteer Committees whose members spend hours of time on a voluntary basis, developing solutions to better serve our community, vote on motions, and then submit the recommendations that have a majority and or unanimous vote to City Council.  Both standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees deserve recognition of their efforts by having City Council take these recommendations, discuss them publicly as a Council Agenda Item and then VOTE on them. 

I am pleased to say that in the most recent City Council meeting, several of the more respected City Councilors championed the work of all Committees and related that Committees receive the direction needed to function at optimal efficiency and that Council take their recommendations seriously in the form of addressing and discussing them publicly, and then take a vote!

Now let’s look down the road

Fiscal responsibility goes beyond spending tax payor dollars, it also applies to how our City departments operate.  Are they really using the most efficient best practices specific to their given responsibilities?  In business, including City Government, removing waste from current practices is done by using proven practices such as LEAN/Six Sigma. By definition, Lean Six Sigma disciplines will decrease our City’s costs by: Removing “Waste” from existing processes.   Take Permitting as an example from City Government as an example. Waste is any activity within a process that isn't required or impedes a service to yield optimal results more efficiently, effectively and with measurable improvements.  This practice is widely used in Corporate America and also City Governments.  Per Six Sigma Daily, “Private businesses are not the only ones turning to Lean Six Sigma to improve processes that have proven wasteful and failed to create the desired results.  In recent years, the city of Houston, the Miami-Dade County government in South Florida and King County, Washington, are among those that have implemented Lean Six Sigma to improve how taxpayers’ dollars are spent.”

This can help enable and establish a new,
more efficient culture within all our City Departments.




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